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    APEX Community Care (formerly CT AIDS DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM) helps by providing mental health, behavioral health and drug and addiction counseling, and community medical care, including AIDS/HIV/STD prevention and testing. APEX helps eligible people living with AIDS/HIV, including immigrants without green cards, pay for federally approved HIV antiretroviral drugs and drugs which prevent opportunistic infections associated with AIDS/HIV. APEX will now pay health insurance premiums for anyone who is already covered by a health plan and is eligible for the program.

    COST:   No fee


    –   People with AIDS or HIV who have a net countable income at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.
    –   People who have been diagnosed by a licensed physician as having AIDS, HIV+ symptomatic, and/or an HIV infection.
    –   Individuals applying for the program need not be a Medicaid recipient, but must apply for Medicaid within two weeks of approval for the program. There is no asset restriction for APEX.

    NOTE: A person receiving prescription drug assistance from APEX does NOT need to be covered by a health plan.

    HOW TO APPLY: Request application from APEX office at Connecticut State Department of Social Services or download from DSS website: (www.ct.gov/dss/lib/dss/PDFs/CADAPapp03.pdf)

    Search by program name: CADAP – Ryan White Part B Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program