CONNMAP (Connecticut Medicare Assignment Program): (800) 443-9946

The Foundation for Community Health (860) 364-5157

The FCH Prescription Assistance Program can help cover costs associated with prescriptions, prescription premiums and co-pays, and the cost of equipment needed to administer medication, such as syringes and nebulizers. Glucose test strips and glucometers are also eligible for financial assistance


Cornwall:                (860) 672-2603

Falls Village:           (860) 824-9855

Goshen:                   (860) 491-2308 X228

Kent:                       (860) 927-1586

Norfolk:                  (860) 542-5829

North Canaan:         (860) 824-7313 X110

Salisbury:                (860) 435-5187

Sharon:                   (860) 364-1003

Warren:                   (860) 868-7881 X114


In New York area:

Columbia County Community Health Care Consortium (518) 822-8820 X328

Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County (845) 452-5104 X152


Needy Meds Program

(800) 503-6897

Helps not only with prescription drug costs but provides references to diagnosis-based assistance programs as well as other resources, both private and governmental, for many medical needs.  Its discount card can save up to 80% off cost of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and pet prescriptions.


Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

A municipality that is a member of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities may offer prescription savings to residents. The CCM Prescription Discount Card program saves an average of 45% off the retail price of medications.  Please see your First Selectman to receive your discount card.  More information at: