Mortgage Assistance Hotline

If homeowner has a mortgage delinquency, CT has a mortgage assistance hotline: (877) 472-8313.

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Affordable Home Repairs

Habitat for Humanity of NW CT (860) 435-4747

PO Box 1, Salisbury, CT 06068



Chore Service [minor home repairs] (860) 435-9177


Rebuilding Together: 

PO Box544, Bantam, CT 06750

(203) 240-9666:


A national non-profit organization that can provide necessary repairs, improvements and modifications to existing homes, free of charge, to low-income  home-owners who are unable to do the work themselves. Towns covered: Goshen, Litchfield, Warren and Kent.

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Retirement/Residential/Long Term Care Homes


Geer Village (860) 824-8133;

Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation

(860) 824-3800




Noble Horizons (860) 435-9851

Provides rental housing, Residential Care Home, Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision and Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Home.




Sharon Healthcare (860) 364-1002



Elderly – Senior Subsidized Housing

Housing for seniors, age 62 and older.  Must be able to live alone and meet income requirements.


Wangum Village (860) 824-0521

Beckley House (860) 824-7884   beckleyhouse@emchm.org

Kent –  Templeton Farm (860) 927-4000

Cornwall – Bonney Brook (860) 619-8194

Norfolk – Meadowbrook (860) 542-5470

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Independent Living: Making Homes Accessible


This website gives an overview of how much some types of renovations cost, tips on where to find help to pay for remodeling projects and expert advice about what types of projects make sense. Those who don’t want to deal with renovations or find the task is beyond their economic means can still find help to live independently through other resources such as rental assistance in homes designed for people with disabilities.

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Guide to Home Loans for People with Disabilities


This guide offers a comprehensive overview of resources and opportunities that can help you overcome the financial challenges that stand between you and homeownership. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or you’re a first-time buyer this guide has information you need to get past those obstacles.

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Homeownership Counseling, Education & Foreclosure Prevention

Housing Development Fund- (203) 969-1830 or www.hdf-ct.org

Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program: Community Action Agency- (860) 832-9438


Down payment Assistance Programs

Housing Development Fund- (203) 969-1830 or  www.hdf-ct.org

HDF is a HUD-Certified counseling and lending agency, particularly for first time home-buyer.


USDA Rural Housing Programs (860) 688-7725


Foreclosure Prevention Assistance

Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury (203) 753-1896 or www.nhswaterbury.org

They have good counselors.


Legal Help

Statewide Legal Services (800) 453-3320 www.ctlawhelp.org


Emergency One Time Assistance

Neighbor–to–Neighbor Fund: provides emergency one time assistance for local residents who are in economic distress. Neighbor-to-Neighbor makes small grants (generally around $500) to help those with overdue utilities, medical bills, short-term housing costs, and transportation problems. Interested individuals should contact their town’s social service provider


Accessory Apartment Program

The HousingUs Accessory Apartment Program– assists homeowners through the process of creating an apartment in their homes or on their property- from design to permitting and tenant selection.  For more information visit www.housingus.org.

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Homeownership Programs

The organizations below provide opportunities for affordable homeownership for moderate income families and can be contacted directly for more information.

Cornwall Housing Corporation
PO Box 174, Cornwall, CT 06753

Contact: Maggie Cooley (860) 672-6251 



Foundation for Norfolk Living
PO Box 2, Norfolk, CT 06058

Contact: Lou Barbagallo (860) 542-5395


Goshen Housing Trust, Inc.
59 Torrington Road, Goshen, CT 06756

(203) 699-9335


Habitat for Humanity (NW CT chapter)
(860) 435-4747



Kent Affordable Housing
PO Box 265, Kent, CT 06757

info@kentaffordablehousing.org  (860) 927-5022


Salisbury Housing Trust
24 Main Street, PO Box 52, Salisbury, CT 06068


Sharon Ridge Apartments
(860) 364-1372

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