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Office of the Healthcare Advocate

The Mission of the Office of the Healthcare Advocate is to assist consumers with healthcare issues through the establishment of effective outreach programs and the development of communications related to consumer rights and responsibilities as members of health plans. The office focuses on: assisting consumers to make informed decisions when selecting a health plan; assisting consumers in resolving problems with their health plans, and identifying and advocating on issues, trends and problems that may require executive, regulatory or legislative intervention.

1-866-HMO-4446 (1-866-466-4446)

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Canaan   (860) 824-2790

Torrington (860) 789-3133

Winsted (860) 379-0708


Winsted Health Center

(860) 379-0888  115 Spencer Street, Winsted

Ambulatory care services for residents of NW Connecticut to provide emergency and advanced medical service to the residents of Winsted and surrounding communities.

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Prescription Assistance

CONNMAP (Connecticut Medicare Assignment Program): (800) 443-9946

The Foundation for Community Health (860) 364-5157

The FCH Prescription Assistance Program can help cover costs associated with prescriptions, prescription premiums and co-pays, and the cost of equipment needed to administer medication, such as syringes and nebulizers. Glucose test strips and glucometers are also eligible for financial assistance


Cornwall:                (860) 672-2603

Falls Village:           (860) 824-9855

Goshen:                   (860) 491-2308 X228

Kent:                       (860) 927-1586

Norfolk:                  (860) 542-5829

North Canaan:         (860) 824-7313 X110

Salisbury:                (860) 435-5187

Sharon:                   (860) 364-1003

Warren:                   (860) 868-7881 X114


In New York area:

Columbia County Community Health Care Consortium (518) 822-8820 X328

Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County (845) 452-5104 X152


Needy Meds Program

(800) 503-6897

Helps not only with prescription drug costs but provides references to diagnosis-based assistance programs as well as other resources, both private and governmental, for many medical needs.  Its discount card can save up to 80% off cost of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and pet prescriptions.


Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

A municipality that is a member of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities may offer prescription savings to residents. The CCM Prescription Discount Card program saves an average of 45% off the retail price of medications.  Please see your First Selectman to receive your discount card.  More information at:

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Hearing Aids

Financial resources: Call WCAAA (for older adults – (800) 994-9422) or (203) 757-5449.

Veterans: call your VA Representative or (800) 827-1000.

See also “Services for the Deaf“.

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