Jane Lloyd Fund (www.berkshiretaconic.org) helps patients with non-medical expenses.  A separate fund, the Women’s Cancer Wellness Fund, provides help for alternative therapies.  Social workers at the treatment centers can apply for funds held by the Community Foundation of NW CT (see entries at www.charlottehungerford.org).

Cancer Survival Toolbox:  The award-winning Cancer Survival Toolbox® is a free, self-learning audio program that has been developed by leading cancer organizations to help people develop important skills to better meet and understand the challenges of their illness. The program contains a set of basic skills to help navigate a diagnosis and special topics on key issues faced by people with cancer. It is given to newly diagnosed patients as well as those transitioning off treatment, used by patient navigators, offered in patient resource libraries, provided at survivorship programs and conferences, and listened to in a support group setting.  www.canceradvocacy.org


Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH): Breast and Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Support groups are an informal gathering of cancer patients and caregivers where participants can comfortably express their thoughts and feelings about cancer and its challenges. For Breast and Prostate Cancer support groups call (860) 496-6396 for schedule and further info.

CHH: Case Management

A licensed social worker is onsite three days a week to assist patients with financial needs, Title 19 medical insurance, disability applications, supportive counseling, and referrals to related human services in the community. For Radiation and Oncology call (860) 489-6718 for info.

CHH: Free breast and cervical early detection program (mammograms and Pap tests) and the hospital’s Pink Rose Program. You can contact Tammy Rouleau by calling (860) 496-6513.