Disability Services

§ Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)


The Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) brings together the programs that were formerly known as the Department of Social Services’ Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, the Board of Education and Services for the Blind, the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, the Workers’ Rehabilitation Program and the Driver Training Program for People with Disabilities.

§ State Library For the Blind

(800) 842-4516

§ Board of Education and Services for the Blind

Counseling and referral, education, rehabilitation, mobility instruction, technology and adaptive equipment, employment options, support groups.  Many Services are provided in the home and community.

(800) 842-4510  www.ct.gov/BESB

§ Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS)

BRS helps consumers who have a disability and need help preparing for, finding, or keeping a job, and are available to be active and full partners in the vocational rehabilitation process.   If you are eligible for services, you’ll work with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to determine what services BRS may offer that will best fit your needs to help you find work.


Please go to Applying for Services  on our website at www.ct.gov/brs to learn what information you will need to complete an application and to find the office nearest to where you live. 

§ Services for the Deaf

Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (CDHI)

Interpreting services, job consulting and placement, personal counseling, information, referral and advocacy.


(860) 231-1690  TTY/Voice

(860) 708-6796 Voice

(860) 231-8169 TTY

§ Hearing Aids

Beltone Hearing

(860) 485-1351


Wesconn Hearing Aid Service

(860) 489-0332

Home visits available for evaluation and service.


(See also Hearing Aids in HEALTH section)

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