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Greetings and Salutations.

NW CARES is the Northwest Coalition of Agencies Related to Elder Services in Canaan, Falls Village, Lakeville/Salisbury, Norfolk, Sharon, Cornwall, Warren and Kent. Our mission is to identify, clarify and seek solutions to issues in service and activities that affect the elderly and their families.  And since these possible solutions affect young as well as old, our scope extends to programs available to all ages.

We developed this resource guide to provide information that will help you choose more effectively from the array of services available in our area. We hope that “ The Northwest CARES Help Book” will become a useful reference source for all concerned with the well-being of older people, their families and friends and care givers. We invite readers to help us improve the publication and keep it up to date with corrections and additions.

Our special thanks go to the people who made the original 1999 booklet possible: to Dianne Heiny whose idea it was, to Debbie Pastore who was foremost among those who compiled and organized the data, and to Jane Elwood, who designed the fine logo.  And to Moore & More Printing’s always generous and expert Stacey Moore, and Karen McGinnis who retyped the whole thing!  We are now particularly grateful to volunteer Harding Bancroft who has been invaluable in organizing and formatting this edition.  We also thank the members of NW CARES and all organizations that have contributed, for their hours of advice and support.

NW CARES has tried to provide accurate information, but is not responsible for any errors in this publication. We welcome your corrections and additions. Please e-mail them to bfehn@geercares.org

Northwest CARES Resource Book Sponsors (May 1st, 2017)


Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Chore Service

Clouther Agency

Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut

E. Rada, Attorney

Foundation for Community Health

Foothills Visiting Nurse & Home Care. Inc.

Geer Nursing & Rehabilitation

Habitat for Humanity of NW CT

Kent Community Fund

McCall Foundation

Noble Horizons

Salisbury Bank and Trust

Salisbury Family Services

Salvation Army

Sharon Community Foundation

Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association

Town of Cornwall

Town of Falls Village

Town of Norfolk

Town of Sharon

Western CT Area Agency on Aging

Women’s Support Services


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